Trick Or Treat Defense

Trick Or Treat Defense

Trick Or Treat Defense

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Bloons TD 4 #11 - Trick or Treat (1 of 2)

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Attorney Online: Turnabout Trick or Treat

While dabbling in the black arts, you accidentally spawned multiple portals throughout all of your realms. Thus, unleashing hordes of evil little beings, known as Trick or Treaters. They will stop at nothing to devour your precious candy. Luckily, over the thousands of years of your existence, you have master many things. Including, the ability to summon monstrous creatures, which will allow to defend your candy. You must stop these Trick or Treaters at all cost, your candy depends on it!

Update 5:
-Added 3 new Trick or Treaters Witch,Ghost, and Skeleton.
-Trick or Treaters with the invisibility ability will now become transparent when active.
-Added a Tutorial.
-Changed the currency from money to tears.
-Changed 5 level layouts.